Duplex & Triplex Designs & Plans

Duplex and Triplex Designs


House Designs Common myths TRUE OR FALSE

It is expensive to design my own home

Individually designed homes are more expensive to build

Is it true that when a builder draws my plans i cannot shop with other builders to see if they are giving me a good price

Are people really saving “tens” of thousands and getting way better prices then the free home plans builders have.

Did you know that you can save $$$$ on your building cost if you design your own home?

Yes, you can have your home tailored to your specific wishes and wants and SAVE $$$. By owning your plans and copyright this enables BBP to ‘shop’ your plans. This will gain you access to the mass volume buying power of BBP. We guarantee to save you $$$$

We have also negotiated with designers/architects in every state to ensure we save you $$$$ on designing your home.

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Your Plan – Your Way – and you will own the Copyright.